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CategoryTipURLDate AddedVersion applicableContributor
Buy Apple Store with Educational Discounts 2007  Kwang 
Buy Cheap and good Macpro memory    
Documents Free App: Export pdfs and beamer slides to keynote (thanks to Sven for the link)    
Documents If you need to compare two files (or two directories), the built-in FILEMERGE service on OSX is a really amazing tool. It will show you tow files (or directories) side by side with a comparison. See item 4 here    
Documents Beamer for presentations    
Library Link directly from Google Scholar to the actual article    
Media Downloading Videos for Teaching Purposes 11 Nov 2010 all kwanghui 
Media MBS/Unimelb Podcasts on iTunes opens in itunes    
Networking MBS Networked Drive: Finder-> {Command}{K}. connect to "smb://carstorage/kw.lim$", replacing "kw.lim" with your mbs acctname  Sep 2009 All kwanghui 
Snow Leopard To do a Screen Capture, run Applications->Preview. Click "File"->"Take Screen Shot" Sep 2009 10.6 kwanghui 
Snow Leopard bug Can't open web pages that require the Acrobat reader plug-in or some other plug-in, such as my online bank? Running Safari in 32-bit mode may fix that too as it can then access the (32-bit) plug-in.   Sep 2009 10.6 Sven 
Snow Leopard bug Can't print from Preview or Safari? Close the application; go to its icon in the Application folder; click Cmd-I; check the "Open in 32-bit mode" box in the General section; close the information window. Now restart the app and print. (At this point Preview may crash, but only after it prints).  Sep 2009 10.6 Sven 
Software Built-in feature lets you combine/merge multiple PDF Documents    
Software 69 Awesome Free Applications for Mac OSX Oct 2009 10.X kwanghui 
Software Converts Windows Outlook files to a form that Mail can read    
Software Logmein to manage your pcs and macs    
Software Compare and sync text files, msword documents, or even entire folders Nov 2009 Mac, Windows and Linux kwanghui 
Software Use Automator to copy the current directory/file path to your clipboard    
Software Use shared drives, not shared folders, to access mac files from your VMWARE windows installation    
Software Papers by Mekentosj Configuration for unimelb October 2009 all unimelb library 
Software Sugarsync - syncs across macs, pcs, etc    
Software Quick tips for Leopard's built-in Quicklook 2008 10.5 kwang 
Software 1Password - autofills your passwords. Syncs across all your macs 2007 all. update to agile keychain for iphone/itouch compatibility kwang 
Software Copy Time Capsule to a Time Machine Backup Drive Dec 2009 OSX 10.5, 10.6 onwards kwanghui 
Software Tubetv - great for videos 2007  Kwang 
Software Busysync synchronizes your google calendars, ical, ipod touch and iphone. works really well with mobileme 2008 all kwang 
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