Computational Facility

The computational facility is used for statistical, econometric and financial analysis. A brief introduction is available on the MBS website.

Access to this facility is available to MBS faculty and doctoral students. Users may access it directly from their offices (on campus) or remotely via VPN.

Hardware Configuration:
  • Dell PowerEdge 2950 Rackmount Server
  • 2xIntel Quad Xeon CPUs 2.66GHz CPUs
  • 16GB of ECC Fully Buffered RAM
  • 2 Terabytes of Storage in a Raid-10 configuration
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fortran, C++, Intel Parallel Studio XE 201 with VS2005
  • R Statistical Package 
  • Stata10MP, Stat Transfer, 
  • Matlab, IMSL
  • OS: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 64bit
Software for the Computational Facility was partly funded by an AU10,000 grant from Alumni and Friends of MBS in 2008. 
In March 2011, the software was upgraded and reinstalled from the ground up by Peter Russell and Laura Bell.

Connecting from a PC:
  • Connection from a PC is easy using the “Remote Desktop Connection” utility. This can be found on XP (SP2) at:
  • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
  • Once started, at the prompt enter the IP Address of the machine you want to connect to, which is Then logon using your credentials. These can be obtained directly from IT.
  • If you are leaving a job running, simply disconnect (click on the X on the connection bar at the top of the screen). If you have finished, please remember to log off as only four concurrent logins are allowed.
  • If there are any issues with connectivity, please contact ITS.
Connecting from a Mac:
  • see pdf file below.
  • Q: How do I get an account on the server? Ans: Contact Peter Russell from ITS
User Manuals are located in the MBS Library:

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